Man Desperately Prays Nobody Heard Him Blurt Out Wrong Lyrics To Worship Song
Church · Jul 5, 2017 ·

PORTLAND, ME - After local man Peter Anderson loudly blurted out the wrong lyrics to "What A Beautiful Name" as it was being played by Ember Church's worship band Sunday morning, the man cried out to God that no one would notice his embarrassing blunder, sources confirmed.

As the worship band built the music into a frenzied crescendo, Anderson loudly sang, "Death could not hold you!" just as the band cut all instruments except a resonating synth chord and began singing the third chorus instead.

Anderson first attempted to morph the incorrect lyrics into the right ones, turning his loud, passionate, inaccurate outburst into something that sounded like, "Death could not holyyyynnnnaamme it is!" But the man quickly realized he would have to lean upon the Lord's mercy to save him from his humiliating mistake.

"Lord, plug up the ears of those around me, that they would not know that I thought the worship leader was building up to a third bridge," he prayed sincerely. "I cast myself on your mercy, Lord. Just save me from this terrible fate, Father God!"

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that absolutely everyone in the building had noticed his error.

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