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Man Carefully Selects Which Of His 28 Study Bibles Looks Best With His Outfit

EL DORADO, AR—Most people have forgotten the lost art of making sure your Bible matches your outfit. But most people aren’t Brett Wilkins.

Wilkins, 33, spends the better part of every Sunday morning trying on various shirts, pants, and shoes, and attempts to match them to one of the many high-end study Bibles in his collection, making sure the colors complement each other and the patterns don’t clash.

“I’ve probably spent a good two thousand dollars on study Bibles over the years,” Wilkins said as he tried out a unique sweater vest-leather NIV Study Bible combination. “I don’t read most of them, of course, but they’re nice to have. You’ve gotta have one for every look.”

“My trusty Scofield goes so nicely with my striped burgundy dress shirt,” he added. “The MacArthur’s a real looker too, but you don’t want to look too gaudy.”

At publishing time, Wilkins had placed an order for three more study Bibles he had no intention of reading, sources confirmed.

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