Lost Kirk Cameron Wanders Across Set Of Good Movie
Celebs · Aug 10, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

LOS ANGELES, CA - According to sources from within Paramount Studios, a bewildered, lost-looking Kirk Cameron was spotted Thursday afternoon wandering through the film studio, dazedly walking across the sets of several good movies.

Cameron was reportedly looking for the set of Fireproof 2: Fire Harder, but somehow ended up on the Paramount lot, where he reportedly looked totally out of place walking in front of several quality film and television backdrops where renowned actors were rehearsing and filming their scenes.

"Well, fiddlesticks," he reportedly muttered to himself as he wandered among the studio's various sound stages. "Oh, man, is that Dr. Phil over there? Hoo boy, I'm in way over my head here. Hey, Phil, it's me, Kirk! Am I on the right lot for Fireproof 2?"

"I loved your episode on hoarding, man! I'm a big fan!" he yelled, as the TV psychiatrist pretended not to hear him while perusing production notes for an upcoming episode.

After Cameron had shuffled about the lot for several hours, hopping from the set of one good movie and TV show to another, a security guard in a golf cart noticed him and escorted him off the premises, pointing him in the direction of a seedy rental sound stage in Culver City, where his movie was actually being filmed.

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