Look At This Absolute CHAD Riding One Of Those Motorcycles With Three Wheels
Lifestyle · Mar 11, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

Can you say "bad to the bone"? We hope so, because that's what you'll be compelled to say when you get a load of this ABSOLUTE LEGEND who's riding a motorcycle with not one, not two, not five, but THREE FRIGGIN' WHEELS.



That's right, we did. We looked over expecting to see a regular, lame-o motorcycle with two wheels and then were like - whaaaaaaa?!?! There's a whole extra wheel on the front there! That's over 49% more wheel!!!!

We just had to do a double-take when CHADDY MCCHADDERSON over here rode on by, a rebel without a cause, a real devil-may-care renegade, a man who looks at a motorcycle with two wheels and laughs in derision - because he has three.

So the next time you hear the roar of a road hog, you'd better look twice and make sure it's not this fella rippin' through your town leaving a trail of ice-cold audaciousness and exhaust behind him - and one more tire track than usual.


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