Local Mother Successfully Pawns Her Kids Off To Different VBS Every Week Of Summer
Church · Jun 19, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

LIBERTY, MO - Local mother Karen Pearsall happily announced Wednesday she's finally managed to sign her kids up for a different church's VBS for every week of summer.

"Every week from June until late August, I found a different vacation Bible school within a 100-mile radius of us," she said proudly as she sat down at a local restaurant for a mimosa brunch with her girlfriends. "I think they're over at Second Apostolic Temple of Christ this week? Something like that. I think it's a cult, but, you know. Whatchyagonnado?"

"I just need a little 'me' time," she said, shrugging.

Throughout the summer, the kids are going to attend three safari-themed vacation Bible schools, one space-themed VBS, four pirate-themed schools, and two Minecraft knockoffs. If last year is any indication, her three children will commit their lives to Christ at least six times before school begins again.

Pearsall admits that the downside is that she has to hear her kids sing dozens of VBS songs that will be stuck in her head until Christmas.

"But that's the price of freedom," she said solemnly.

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