Local Man Joins Church Just To Get Help With Upcoming Move

FENTON, NJ—Local native Derrick King recently joined Grace Community Church after realizing nobody he knew owned a truck or would be willing to help him move to the new house he was in the process of purchasing. King joined Grace Community Church and took note of church members with trucks and immediately began to strike up conversations with them. Within a mere three Sundays, he had an entire moving crew ready to go.

"I didn't even have to do anything," King told reporters. "I just prayed the little prayer or whatever it was and got a free T-shirt."

"This is so much cheaper than hiring workers." King says he bought everyone pizza and they seemed completely fine with that, even excited to help a "new believer" with a service project.

King says he is considering starting his own moving business. "If I can collect the fee then get a bunch of people from church to help for pizza, I'm set. Honestly, I might be overpaying them. Maybe I should switch to Little Caesars."

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