Local Family Frantically Memorizes Bible Verses On Way To Awana
Christian Living ยท Apr 12, 2017

BOONE, NC - According to sources close to the family, all four Chavira kids were frantically memorizing the set of Bible verses they were expected to recite at their local Awana club meeting while en route to the church Wednesday evening.

"Kids, grab your Awana books and let's go!" Mrs. Chavira called up to the children before loading them up in the van, causing them to scramble to find their Bible memory books they hadn't touched since the previous week's meeting, according to their father, who was tasked with speeding to the church to make up for the fact that they were 15 minutes late.

The ten-minute trip to church was spent trying to hurriedly fill out a week's worth of activities and exercises, as well as memorize several Bible verses they had been asked to study over the week, with Mrs. Chavira trying to call out over the noise from the passenger seat to test little James, 5, who was in the back of the van, asking him to repeat his Cubbies verse out loud after her over and over again, their father confirmed.

All of the Chavira children reportedly continued trying to commit the verses to short-term memory right up until the second the Awana leader pried the book from their hands and asked them to recite their verses.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed the Chavira children had forgotten the verses immediately after getting them signed off.


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