Local Dad To Keep Assuming Kids Learning All The Important Stuff In Sunday School
Church ยท Jul 6, 2016

SHAWNEE, KS - Saying he appears content with his lack of motivation to teach his children essential spiritual truths, sources confirmed that local father Robert Mosher is just going to keep assuming that his two children are learning all the important stuff in Sunday School.

"Nah, I don't think we need to do any, like, devotionals or anything like that - I'm sure they're learning all the big stuff in Sunday School," Mosher is said to have awkwardly told his wife Wednesday evening as he sat in his living room chair, catching up on SportsCenter, before reminding her how uncomfortable that sort of thing is for him and how wiped out he is by the time he gets home from work.

"They're teaching them all sorts of stuff about God, Jesus, the Bible, salvation - all of it, I'm sure. All the really serious stuff, at least," he uneasily continued. "Did you see that sweet picture of Jesus Jeannie colored a couple Sundays ago? I mean, that right there tells you something."

The nervous 36-year-old then abruptly changed the subject, according to sources, who relayed that he seems more interested even in small, trivial things than he is about intentionally mentoring his children in vital spiritual matters.

Pressed by his wife as to whether he would at least have regular prayer time with the children, Mosher reportedly reminded her how weird it makes him feel to pray in front of people.


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