Leftists Upset As Business Refuses To Discriminate
Politics · Oct 20, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Leftists are outraged this week after a burger chain in San Francisco refused to discriminate against certain customers, instead treating everyone with equal respect and serving delicious food to all.

"We can't allow restaurants to serve unvaccinated individuals, as they are not actually human and therefore not entitled to human rights," said local human rights activist Xander Zinfandel. "We believe this to be the compassionate position, which In-N-Out is callously disregarding."

City officials looked on in horror as hundreds of unvetted individuals lined up around the store to enjoy In-N-Out's delicious burgers without producing their vaccine papers. 

"NOOOOOOO! This is all wrong!" said City Council Chair Damien Goobfritz as he watched the horrific scene unfold. "Some of those people may be eating even though they don't deserve to! This is a disaster!"

San Fransisco was then forced to deploy a SWAT team to slap burgers out of everyone's hands and shut the restaurant down until they agreed to practice discrimination.

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