In-N-Out Unveils Exciting New Menu Item, The 'Let's Go Brandon'
Health · Oct 21, 2021 ·

IRVINE, CA - In-N-Out isn't known for changing its menu, with the fast-food burger joint offering the same burger, cheeseburger, and Double Double options for many years. But the Cali favorite has made an exception, introducing a fun new menu item, the "Let's Go, Brandon!"

The burger is 45 patties all stacked up on top of each other accompanied by In-N-Out's signature fresh ingredients and delicious spread. It costs only $17.76, which is a huge cost savings over ordering a 45x45 from the secret menu. 

According to company spokespeople, the Let's Go Brandon started out as a secret menu item but grew so popular that it has been added to the regular menu. It's replacing the Double Double for a limited time.

"There are a few iconic moments in In-N-Out history: the introduction of the milkshake, the unveiling of the Double Double, the time one of our truckers ran over a whole family of possums, the time we tried introducing possum burgers," said a spokesperson. "This is just another evolution in our menu, trusted by cool California youth pastors and surfer dudes for decades."

"Also, the slogan has absolutely no double meaning. We just like the name Brandon. What can we say? We want him to go."

At publishing time, the writer of this article had a sudden craving for In-N-Out. brb

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