Leftists Demand That All Criticisms Of Trump Cease Until He Stops Getting Death Threats
Politics · Apr 15, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - The left has urged people to stop quoting stupid things Representative Ilhan Omar has said and to stop accurately pointing out that she's a bigot because Omar has received death threats. It was revealed, though, that President Donald Trump has also received death threats.

"Yes, it's hard to believe, since I'm the greatest president ever," Trump told the press. "My death would be the worst tragedy this country has ever seen -- I'd expect mass suicides if it happens." Still, he confirmed that the Secret Service has intercepted numerous death threats.

If there is one thing the American left is known for, it's being extremely consistent and never only espousing certain principles in a partisan or self-serving way. Thus when they heard President Trump had received death threats, they immediately went after those who would criticize the president.

"There is a lot of extreme rhetoric out there about the president, and it has to stop immediately," Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said in a statement on Twitter. "All this talk about him being a 'unique danger to this country' and that he's 'separating families' is just encouraging the threats against him. It doesn't matter if you think they're true; they need to stop, as they all represent dangerous incitement to violence."

Many on the left began mobbing anyone who said anything even slightly negative about Trump in an effort to protect him from harm. Trump is not making it easy for them, as in the past day he urinated on the Lincoln Memorial, stated that poor people are genetically inferior to people with lots of money, and asserted a constitutional right to deport anyone with an accent. The most anyone on the left would say against Trump, though, was that they "would have to agree to disagree."

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