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Kid Walks In On Parents Watching 'Game Of Thrones'

RAMONA, CA—Local girl Madeline Chavez walked down the stairs at her home to get a snack in the kitchen and was shocked to catch her parents watching Game of Thrones, sources confirmed Sunday evening.

"Oh---oh!" she said as her parents scrambled to find the remote so they could shield their daughter from seeing the smut they were consuming. She crossed her arms disapprovingly and shook her head. "Well, well, well. I was wondering why you guys sent me off to my room to play Fortnite."

"I'm not mad---I'm just disappointed," she said as she turned off the TV and began to lecture them on appropriate types of entertainment for Christians to consume. 

"If you guys need any help, any accountability---I'm here for you," she said before confiscating the remote and changing their HBO Now password. 

At publishing time, Chavez was once again disappointed to find her parents huddled in the car in the driveway trying to watch the rest of the episode on her dad's smartphone.

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