Kid Leaves Mom One-Star Uber Review
Family · Feb 5, 2019 ·

SAVANNAH, GA - Local boy Derrick Winchell gave his mom a one-star review on his Uber app after she dropped him off at karate Monday evening, sources confirmed.

The boy's scathing review pointed out how messy her van was and that he ended up being late for his karate class. He also took her to task for snapping at him throughout the ride, claiming that she responded curtly every time he asked if they were there yet.

"Dropped me off late for karate. Van was kind of a mess. Seemed annoyed and not very friendly," he wrote, later telling reporters that his mom failed to maintain a professional level of politeness and customer service throughout the ride.

"I clearly asked her to change the in-car DVD player to Star Wars Rebels, but she left it on Doc McStuffins. She even had three other riders in the car, an annoying little girl and two older boys. She said she had to take the girl to a doctor's appointment and the older boys to hockey practice. How is she supposed to give me good customer service when she stuffs me in the back of the van with all these other kids?"

The boy confirmed that he will be accepting a ride from his mom everywhere he goes, however. "I guess she deserves a second chance."

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