Kentucky Orders All Churchgoers To Wear Yellow Cross
Christian Living · Apr 13, 2020 ·

FRANKFORT, KY - Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has ordered all Christian churchgoers to wear a yellow cross to warn others they attended a religious gathering against the unilateral decree of the state.

Law enforcement officials took down license plate numbers of churchgoers so their family could be given a set of the yellow cross patches to sew on their clothing.

"We must identify those undesirables who would dare attend church services in defiance of the state," the governor said. "Therefore, anyone who goes to church will be sent this fashionable yellow cross. They must wear it at all times so others will know to stay away from them, ostracize them from society, and report their suspicious activity to the police."

The state ordered all medical mask production facilities to begin shifting production to the yellow crosses instead in order to meet demand. "This is priority one," said Beshear.

Should the religious gatherings continue, the governor says anyone with a yellow patch will be subject to isolation in government-run "Quarantine Camps."


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