Kavanaugh Criticized For Getting Emotional At End Of 'Toy Story 3'
Politics · Sep 28, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Democrat senators criticized Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for getting emotional at the ending of Toy Story 3, claiming his "outburst of emotion" at the scene in which the toys accept their apparent fate of being melted in a furnace and join hands in quiet, dignified resignation was strong evidence of a non-judicial temperament.

After seeing Kavanaugh's "troubling" outburst at the serious accusations leveled against him earlier in the hearing, Senator Dianne Feinstein called for clerks to wheel in a television and play the conclusion to Toy Story 3.

Kavanaugh tried to keep it together, but his lip began to quiver as he realized the toys weren't going to make it. When they decided to stop fighting and looked at each other knowingly, he "totally lost it," according to the committee.

"As you can see, this man does not have the temperament to be a justice," said Feinstein as Ted Cruz offered Kavanaugh a tissue. "Anyone who displays even a brief moment of human emotion probably shouldn't be deciding important national matters, no matter how impressive their resume."

Senator Cory Booker could be seen in the background reciting every line from the film, "as though auditioning for a role," sources say.

At publishing time, Kavanaugh had jumped for joy at their last-minute salvation by the aliens, further confirming Democrats' opinion that he's unfit for being a Supreme Court justice.

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