Kamala Warns Israel Not To Violate San Francisco City Council’s Ceasefire Decree
World · Mar 25, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. — As conflicting reports indicated a possible offensive to rescue hostages held in Rafah, Vice President Kamala Harris issued a stern warning to Israel not to violate the San Francisco City Council's existing ceasefire decree.

Harris, while attempting to speak about something, reminded Israel that refusal to end all military operations against Hamas in Gaza would be in direct opposition to the binding ceasefire resolution adopted by San Francisco's City Council back in January.

"Let me be clear," Harris said. "A ceasefire means to cease your firing. And if firing does not cease, then it is not a ceasefire. If firing continues, then it has not ceased. You have not ceased to fire and therefore have not agreed to a ceasefire. War is firing. Peace is not firing. If you do not fire, you will have peace, and peace is the absence of war."

When questioned about whether San Francisco and other American cities have the authority to call for a ceasefire in a foreign war, Harris offered further explanation. "Authority is what it is, and what it has always been. Cities are many things. Cities are strong. Cities are powerful. A city council can vote to do things. And it is by voting to do things that things are done. That is what should be focused on here. We have been clear on this since the beginning."

Sources confirmed that, upon being asked for comment about Vice President Harris's warning, Israeli military command responded by asking, "Who?"

At publishing time, Harris stressed that reluctance to agree to a ceasefire would result in additional American cities passing resolutions until Israel is forced to comply.

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