Kamala Harris Reiterates Strong Support For Separating Families At Border Of Birth Canal
Politics ยท Jul 3, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Mere hours after criticizing the Trump administration's policy of "ripping babies from their mothers" at the Mexican border, Senator Kamala Harris reiterated her strong support for separating families at the border of the birth canal.

Senator Harris stated she wanted to make sure that her constituents weren't confused by her recent criticism of separating babies from their moms, and that she's still a stalwart proponent of abortion, having opposed a national ban on killing pain-capable babies after 20 weeks.

"Let me be direct," she said in a televised interview. "While I did say I opposed ripping babies from their mothers, I am only selectively outraged about that procedure. When it's done by a medical professional in a federally funded abortion clinic, I am still proudly 100% in favor of said ripping. In fact, it's one of my core values."

"Just really wanted to clear that up," she said.

At publishing time, Harris had confirmed she would continue to criticize separating children from mothers in the context of immigration while remaining "blissfully unaware" of her glaring hypocrisy.


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