Just Go Ahead And Plan On Really Needing Jesus This Week, Experts Recommend
Health · Jul 17, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - Citing the odds of facing personal challenges as well as having to absorb the general unrest that will come to pass in the world, top experts advised Monday for all of us to just go ahead and plan on really needing Jesus this week.

"There's no doubt some crazy stuff's going to pop off this week - family issues, work stuff, political meltdowns, maybe even a terrorist attack or new war or something, God forbid - so might as well get ahead of it and just plan on totally relying on God for our strength and sanity," one authority recommended, adding that while the world seems to be devolving into a Mad-Max-style hellscape, it's extremely helpful to remind oneself that our Heavenly Father reigns from His throne of glory, and is in absolute control of everything.

Stressing how easy it is to forget core spiritual truths while we're distracted by the millions of things we're dealing with in our personal lives and being blown about by the tornado of a world we live in, he went on to advise that we make a point to be as intentional as possible about seeking God and relying on Him for all of our needs.

"Whatever might transpire this week, don't forget, as Paul reminds us in his letter to the Philippians, to make a point to be happy that God is God, and to bring our worries to him, because He loves us and offers a peace of mind and heart that transcends comprehension," the expert added.

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