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John MacArthur Series On Engaging Modern Culture Now Available On Audio Cassette

SUN VALLEY, CA—A series of lectures and sermons delivered by pastor John MacArthur and compiled by Grace to You ministries covering how to engage modern culture with the gospel is now available on audio cassette, the ministry has confirmed.

“The church should never bow to the demands of culture, but we can and should engage the culture where they are,” MacArthur said on his blog post announcing the new series—a post he wrote by hand, reportedly by quill, and gave to an assistant to type up on the internet.

“While there are a whole host of dangers presented by new technology like tape players and video cassettes, we believe God can use these modern innovations for His glory.”

“We need not be afraid of cutting-edge tech in the world—Christ has already overcome the world,” MacArthur wrote.

The series, available on six double-sided, high-fidelity cassette tapes in a durable clamshell case, explores practical ways in which the church can engage with emerging trends in modern culture, all derived from MacArthur’s exegesis of two verses in the first letter to the Corinthians.

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