James Harden Still Getting Fouled Despite 6-Foot Social Distancing Rule

U.S.—The NBA has a new rule: players must stay six feet apart from each other at all times. Despite this rule, though, James Harden is still somehow getting fouled from six feet away.

In a practice game today, Harden flopped on the ground hard, claiming to have been elbowed by an opposing player, even though he was a minimum of six feet away from everyone.

"AH! MY EYE!" cried Harden, backflipping onto the ground, though everyone was a safe distance away to avoid spreading COVID-19. "THAT GUY LITERALLY RIPPED OUT MY EYE! I'M BLEEDING! OH GOSH THE PAIN, THE PAIN! GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD!"

NBA officials say they may be forced to change the rule to 10 feet or even 15 feet, but they doubt even that will stop James Harden from getting fouled. They tested just having him play on the court by himself, but he still got fouled over 17 times in the first 14 seconds of play.

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