Islam Downgraded To Religion Of Mostly Peace
World · Oct 10, 2023 ·

WORLD — After decades of enjoying its status as the "religion of peace," religious experts weighing recent events in Israel announced that Islam has been officially downgraded to the "religion of mostly peace."

"We really hate to do this, but we have to admit that slaughtering innocent women and children is a bit much," said Dr. Amar Muhammad Muhammad, Professor of Religion at Cambridge. "Fortunately, 'mostly peace' is still a pretty good rating — a far cry from our 'religion of not that much peace at all' we gave the Christians and the 'holy crap these people are extremely dangerous' rating we gave the Mennonites."

"Nice job, Islam!"

Experts confirmed that Muslims will still be able to win back their former rating if they are able to tone down the Satanic, horrendous butchery of human beings for a little while. "We will reevaluate in a year," said Dr. Muhammad.

At publishing time, Islam had quickly won back its coveted "religion of peace" designation after making a donation to BLM.

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