Inspiring: Painter Creates Moving Art Pieces Showing Jesus's Influence On The Trump Presidency
Christian Living · May 3, 2019 ·

COOPERSVILLE, UT — Talented Utah painter Sam McNoughlin is the genius behind some of the most beautiful and inspiring paintings depicting Christ at work in the Trump presidency ever seen. While a few of his paintings have become well known, we found five more paintings by this artistic minister that show how the Lord is at work in every aspect of the Trump White House.


1. "The Best Swing"

McNoughlin perfectly captures Trump and the Son of Man in an intimate moment out on the green as the Son of God helps the most Christian president in history perform the best golf swing. This is a beautiful reminder that Christ isn't just at work in the big moments, but the small ones too, and that Trump is the best at everything, even golf.


2. "Build the Wall"

While many worldly politicians try to block the building of Trump's border wall, the Prince of Peace is actively building it as we speak. Anyone who doubts this needs only to look at this inspiring painting to see what is really going on at the U.S. border with Mexico. This piece also perfectly captures the brotherly love Trump shares with his best friend Jesus.


3. "Fake News"

The only thing as amazing as this painting is Trump's amazing ability to remain composed in an interview. McNoughlin expertly captures this in his piece "Fake News," showing the observer what is really happening when Trump is sitting across from a member of the mainstream media. These two really have a fun time.


4. "Covfefe"

On Twitter, Trump is a modern-day renaissance artist. On the canvas, McNoughlin is too, depicting in wonderful hues how the Lamb of God is with him composing every tweet to His glory.


5. "MAGA!"

McNoughlin is a master of capturing a simple snapshot that tells a larger story. One could look at this painting and see so many things: Friendship, leadership, viewership, governorship, but most of all they will see what is clear to all who have eyes to see: America is being made great once again. Amen.

We are excited to see McNoughlin's upcoming masterpieces including "Holy Ghost Writer" in which Christ is writing Trump's own holy scripture "The Art of the Deal," "Christ Calms the Stormy" which depicts Christ paying off porn star Stormy Daniels with a suitcase full of cash, and "Kim, T, and JC" depicting Christ with his arms around his two best buds, Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un.

A talented artist takes what the human eye sees and adds to it what is unseen, bringing out the beauty behind the truth of their subject. Among artists, McNoughlin is a true modern master.

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