'I Just Love S'mores!' Says Woman Who Has Apparently Never Tasted Good Food In Her Life
Lifestyle · Sep 23, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

WHEATLAND, MO — While camping in the woods, local woman Sandra Peppertree reportedly shared with a group of close friends that she "just loves s'mores" and "can't get enough of them" leading to speculation that she has never tasted good food in her life.

"I just love s'mores!" Peppertree exclaimed while roasting marshmallows with her friends. "Don't you guys? Yum!"

Fellow campers Cheryl and Stephanie laughed off the excitement for s'mores as a joke they didn't understand.

According to sources, s'mores are objectively fun to make and a good opportunity for bonding around a campfire since they can fall apart so easily. However, the inconsistent way the chocolate melts and the crumbly graham crackers do not make for a pleasant eating experience. Experts also advise against using thin napkins when eating s'mores because they will uselessly tear apart in your hands and make you feel even stickier.

"Hey, it's not time for scary stories yet!" joked longtime friend Cheryl Heinz. "I mean, they're okay."

"Oh, they're more than okay," Sandra Peppertree whispered just before crunching down on a freshly made s'more that then proceeded to snap in half and fall onto the dirty ground in a disgusting goopy mess. "Mmmmm...."

Park rangers have to clean up discarded s'mores from campgrounds every season. The woodland animals won't eat them so they become a major hazard to the surrounding environment. Rangers suggest that s'mores should only be made with the intent to discard them half eaten in designated waste baskets before washing your hands thoroughly in water.

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