Hunter Biden Quietly Takes Down ‘Meeting With My Dad’ Craigslist Ad
Politics · Oct 21, 2020

WILMINGTON, DE - As the furor over Hunter Biden's alleged corruption raged this week, several observers noted that a mysterious Craigslist ad had quietly disappeared from the site. The listing, titled "Meeting with my Dad," offered 1 hour of uninterrupted access to Joe Biden for only $50,000.

"A real shame," said Russian entrepreneur Dimitri Stratiskoklanikov. "Fifty thousand US dollar, pretty good deal. Now I must gain audience old fashioned way. It's real shame."

As of now it's unclear how many people responded to Hunter Biden's ad or how much money he made from arranging meetings. According to sources within the FBI, investigators suspect Hunter may be peddling influence more covertly this time around.

At the time of publishing, several witnesses claim they saw a hooded figure resembling Hunter Biden on a Wilmington street corner waving down passing cars.


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