Homeschool Mom Goes On Brisk Morning Run With 18-Seat Jogging Stroller
Christian Living · Jan 23, 2020 ·

TEMECULA, CA - Local homeschool mom Cindy Breyers has a morning routine: get up at 6, read Proverbs 31, read fourteen other chapters of the Bible, make coffee, and finally, go out for a quick morning jog with her 18-seat jogging stroller.

The wife cheerily gets all the kids ready, loads them all into the custom stroller, and goes on a quick 5-mile run around a nearby lake.

"It's important to spend a little 1-on-18 time with the kids as you go about your day," she said as she picked up the pace up a steep incline, reporters struggling to keep up with her. "Josiah! Let's remember to share some Goldfish with your twin brother, OK, pumpkin?"

If a kid needs changing during her jog, a button on the stroller lets her rotate both rows of the stroller like a conveyer belt, bringing the soiled child right in front of her for easy access. She also has "a heck of an arm" and can lob healthy, homemade bottles of juice at any of the kids who starts to get thirsty.

When she gets home, she starts school for her little ones, from the unborn child she's currently carrying all the way up to her 8-year-old high-schoolers.

"I'm a little worried about Jake 2 though -- he's not really picking up on koine Greek very quickly, and he's already 2," she said, her brow furrowed as she prepared a healthy, nutritious meal for 20. "But that's OK -- some people are late bloomers."

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