Homeschool Family Running Out Of Weird Baby Names From The Bible

GREEN GROVE, PA—When Jasmine Parker found out she was pregnant this week, she quickly realized she had a problem. She and husband Judah Parker have completely run out of weird names from the Bible for their kids.

"Jehosophat! Jeroboam! Jordan! Do you guys have any ideas?" Parker shouted upstairs where several of their kids were playing. They all recited hundreds of names from the Bible from memory, but none of them struck Parker as the perfect baby name for the new addition to the family. "I kinda want them to start with 'J,' too," she said. "We didn't really mean to do the whole J thing, but once we had named our first two kids Josiah and Joatham, it just seemed like we should stick with it."

The family's second-grade girl suggested Gaius but was quickly shouted down by the other kids. "Quiet, Jezebel. We're trying to think here."

At publishing time, she had put a pin in Shamgar, Zillah, and Zipporah.

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