Holy Spirit Appears At Baptist Service, Asked To Sit In Overflow Room
Church · Jun 12, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

CEDAR HILL, AL - The Holy Spirit arrived in power at Hope Baptist Church Sunday morning, but was asked to sit in the overflow room as He was making many church members milling about before the service uncomfortable, sources confirmed.

The church immediately activated its contingency plan, designed to cover unexpected appearances of the Holy Spirit.

As the third Person of the Trinity arrived in the foyer, ushers took a strong defensive formation, redirecting Him from the main service into the side overflow room, where He was handed a program and welcomed to watch the service on the wall-mounted TV.

"We have nothing against the Holy Spirit, as long as His arrival is submitted to the church secretary for inclusion on the bulletin by Wednesday at 3 p.m.," head usher Gary Wall told reporters during the after-service coffee fellowship. "But He can't just waltz on in here and expect to be given a prime spot in the back row or something. That would be chaos!"

After confining the Spirit in the room, the Baptist church reportedly posted ushers on either side to ensure He didn't try any "funny business" at any point during the service.

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