Holy Land Tourists Excited To See Red Dashed Line Paul Left Behind On His Missionary Journeys
Scripture · Jun 7, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

ISRAEL - A group of tourists in the Holy Land reported Friday that they were "super pumped" to see the red dashed line the Apostle Paul left behind on his missionary journeys.

Gathering near the Jordan River, the tourists crested a hill and finally saw what they had come thousands of miles to view. According to historians, whenever Paul traveled on his missionary journeys, a mysterious red dashed line followed, though it changed color in subsequent trips. Most of the lines are still well-preserved.

"You can see the line here from Paul's second missionary journey. You can tell because it's red," the tour guide said. "The orange and blue lines are from his first and third journeys, respectively. If we get lucky we'll get a chance to see them later on in the tour, when we go up toward Asia Minor."

The tourists were warned not to step on the dashed line, lest they rub it out as it's thought to be composed of just ink.

When tour groups sail the Mediterranean, they can sometimes see the dashed, dotted, and solid lines from Paul's sea journeys and final voyage to Rome, all floating on top of the water by some divine force.

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