Hillsong Launches Heavy Metal Side Project: 'HELLSONG'
Christian Living ยท Feb 20, 2020

SYDNEY, AU - Hillsong has become one of the most popular acts in Christian worship music, but the group isn't satisfied with merely topping the CCM charts - now, the popular act has kicked off a heavy metal side project dubbed "HELLSONG."

HELLSONG promises to incorporate brutal riffs and blistering guitar solos into its epic tracks that explore the tenderness of God's love using imagery featuring dragons, Vikings, and bloody quests for magic artifacts.

Its first album, Mighty to Slay, is due out next month and will be followed by a promotional tour supported by Megadeth, Slayer, and Testament.

Drawing deeply on Norse mythology for its lyrics, the new record will feature hard-hitting power metal tracks like "The Mighty Hammer of Thor," "Slaying in the Name of Odin," and "The Fury of the Valkyrie."

"Why should the devil have all the good power metal?" a band spokesperson said.


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