Awooga! We've Got All The Exclusive Pics Of Victoria's Secret's Stunning New Supermodels!
Entertainment · Jun 22, 2021 ·


We've got a HOT HOT HOT exclusive for you today: we've got the scoop on the new Victoria's Secret supermodels. The lingerie and women's clothing brand announced they were getting rid of their traditionally beautiful models and replacing them with feminist icons to represent "what women really want."

Well, boy howdy, did they nail it! Check out these gorgeous ladies:


Amy Schumer in a fake mustache - Hubba hubba!

Kim Yo-jong - The media's darling is now a cover girl! You go girl!

Danny DeVito - Hilarious AND a great bod.

Sy Snootles - Sings, dances, and models - the rare triple threat!

Carrot Top - Just look at those lucious amber locks! Awooga!

Shelob, Spawn of Ungoliant - A strong, independent woman who don't need no man!

Yzma - All hail the TRUE empress!

A giant cicada in a teddy - Nutritious and beautiful.

A flaming dumpster wearing lipstick - If you don't think she's beautiful, you're a bigot!

Wowza! Avert your eyes, Christian men -- these foul temptresses are smokin'!


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