Sesame Street Airs 4-Hour-Long Special Where The Count Counts All 471 Genders
Worldviews · Jun 22, 2021 ·

NEW YORK, NY - Children's show Sesame Street introduced a new segment to help teach kids modern values and counting, where the character the Count counts all of the genders.

It started out simply enough. The Count pointed to a boy and said, "One. Ah ah ah." Then he pointed to a girl and said, "Two. Ah ah ah."

He then continued on to count genders for hours and hours, pointing at different genders and counting. He got all the way up to 471 in the 4-hour special, which then closed with a song "One of These Things Is Not Like the Others," where the Muppets found a Republican hiding in Sesame Street and burned down his business.

"Seven! Ah ah ah!" he said a few minutes into the counting of the genders while pointing at a Muppet dressed like a demiboy.

"Ninety-one! Ah ah ah!" the Count said about an hour later. "This is a two-spirit dragonkin - ah ah ah!"

The episode was sponsored by the number 7 and the letters LGBTQ.

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