Guy Doing Announcements At Church Doesn't Know Time, Place Of Any Upcoming Events

PINE PEAKS, NV—According to sources at Grace Fellowship Church, the guy giving the announcements this past Sunday didn't know the time or place of any upcoming event.

The man stumbled through the announcements, asking for help from the congregation throughout as it became more and more apparent that he didn't know when or where anything was taking place.

"We've got the youth bowling night coming up on, uh, the 29th? Is that right? Hank? Is Hank here? Is it the 29th? Oh, the 27th! OK, great, the 27th, at, uh, 6 pm? 7 pm? Oh, OK, yeah, 7 pm," the man tasked with giving the details to the entire church on all upcoming events said. "We've also got the great women's study coming up at the Larsons' house."

Someone then piped up from the audience, correcting the announcement giver's completely wrong details. 

"What was that? Oh, sorry, I guess it's actually gonna be here at the church," he amended. "I'm not 100% sure what the start time for that is, but go ahead and ask Jill Wheatley if you need any more information. Jill? Where is Jill? Oh, there she is. Yeah, go ahead and get with her for details."

Sources claim that every single detail the man gave was wrong, and resulted in his having to ask someone in the crowd what time something was at or a congregant shouting the corrected time, date, or place at him.

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