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Grown Man Still Quietly Hums 'Books Of The Bible' Song To Find Anything In Old Testament

PHOENIX, AZ—All of us need a little help finding Zephaniah once in a while, but grown man Richard Reinke still has to quietly hum the “Books of the Bible” song he learned in second grade when he needs to locate any book of the Old Testament, sources confirmed Wednesday.

“Genesis, Exodus, Leviiiiiticus,” he was heard muttering to himself at Sunday’s service at Desert Grace Church after Pastor Carl asked everyone to turn to the book of Judges. “Numbers, Deuteroooooonomy….”

Friends and family members confirmed that no matter if the man is opening his Bible at a Bible study, church, or personal morning devotionals at a coffee shop, he always begins his Old Testament study by quietly tapping his foot and beginning the tune before he’s able to find the historical book or minor prophet he’s looking for.

While the man can usually find the books of the New Testament just fine, sources were able to confirm that he does have to sing the second half of the song to help him out whenever the pastor asks him to turn to Philemon.

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