Good News: We Will Sing God's Praises For All Eternity. Bad News: The Song Is 'Way Maker'
Theology · Dec 2, 2021 ·

Well, you win some, and you lose some.

In good news, Christians, who have been redeemed by God's grace and saved by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, will get to sing God's praises for all eternity. For forever and a day, we will get the privilege of gathering around the throne of the Almighty and singing that He saved us from sin and hell through His own Son in order to redeem a people for His own glory.

But in bad news, it has been revealed that the song we will be singing for eternity will be "Way Maker". Sources confirmed today that the song was chosen by the angels as the song we'll get to sing forever and ever.

"Yeah, it's got easy-to-remember lyrics, and it's kinda catchy," said one angel of music. "We're not playing a prank on you, we promise. We really do like the song." He did appear to be stifling back laughter, however.

"Well, it's better than hell, I guess," said one gloomy Christian at the gates of Heaven as he heard the 7,629,332nd repetition of the verse ring out from the dwelling place of God. "Guess I'd better go in. Time to pay the piper."

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