God Working On Backup Plan To Accomplish His Will Just In Case Trump Doesn't Get Reelected
Theology · Oct 8, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

HEAVEN - According to sources close to the Almighty God, He's working on a backup plan to accomplish His eternal will just in case Trump doesn't get re-elected next year.

Sources claim the Most High had pulled all the stops to make sure that Trump got elected so there would be a Christian revival in America. He wants to continue the advancement of the Christian agenda at least another few terms but admits it may be hard to get His will accomplished if Trump should lose to the Democrats.

"It's crunch time up here," said one angelic messenger. "We're all trying our best to make sure the big T gets back in the White House, but if it doesn't---hoo boy. We might be in trouble."

Angels working in heaven's analysis department predict the worst if Trump doesn't get reelected: millions deconverting, the reemergence of Satan worship, a major blow in the war on Christmas. "It's pretty much been heaven on earth for the last couple years, but if Trump gets kicked out---prepare for the worst."

Sources confirmed that God is willing to meddle in the election to ensure Trump is reelected should it come to that.


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