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Gideons Announce Daring Plan To Sneak Bibles Into Progressive Churches

NASHVILLE, TN—The Gideons International is an organization that has become known for trying to get the Bible into hotel rooms, schools, university campuses, and pretty much anywhere that Bibles are needed, which is, like, everywhere.

But the Gideons recently found a new, unreached people group for their Bible distribution efforts: progressive churches in America.

The plan is said to be one of the most dangerous, daring missions undertaken by the ministry.

"Frankly, this is more difficult than working in Somalia or North Korea," said one Gideon worker involved in the project, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We have to go in by cover of night. Sometimes we distract the pastor by telling her Rob Bell is giving one of his talks downtown, and then we'll know the church will be unguarded for a couple of hours."

Once a target church is selected, brave Gideons will sneak in and replace their pew copies of Relevant Magazine with copies of the Bible. Confused parishioners will find the Bibles the next time they go to church, most likely a few months later. At that point, most of the Bibles will get thrown out. But a few churchgoers might open them on a whim and start to read. And then there's no telling what might happen. Some might even get saved.

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