Gen Zer Painstakingly Uncapitalizes Every Letter In Text To Make It Seem Like She's Not Trying
Life · Mar 23, 2023 ·

DENVER, CO — According to sources, local Gen Z girl Katniss Smith spent over 2 hours today painstakingly eliminating all capital letters and punctuation from various texts and social media posts to make it appear like she wasn't trying too hard.

"Like, capital letters are totes cringe, no cap. I, like, finna glow up all my texts so they slap," said Katniss to her friends Channing and Brynlee. "Anyone who doesn't is sus. Lykyk. Sheeeeesh!"

Sources say Katniss and her friends not only remove all capitalization and punctuation, but they also take additional time to misspell various words so people will think they're too cool to care about spelling.

Boomer critics, on the other hand, are feeling salty about the matter and dismissed it as a "high-key major yikes."

"I say, young women just don't know how to speak properly anymore," said 35-year-old boomer James Briggs in a statement while peering over his reading glasses. "Such a shame for such a pretty young lady!" Briggs then hobbled away as he had pulled a muscle giving the statement.

At publishing time, Katniss had accidentally graduated to "boomer" after accidentally putting a cheugy and aggressive period at the end of her sentence.

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