This Fun New Calvinist Instagram Filter Will Tell You If You're Elect Or Not
Theology · Mar 3, 2020 ·

U.S. - Lots of people are having fun with Instagram's filter games which tell you what character you are from Harry Potter, Pokemon, Marvel, and other franchises. 

Now, Calvinists can join in on the fun with a new filter released by Desiring God: the "Are You Elect" filter that tells you whether or not you're elect.

The filter scans your face and checks it against the ministry's database of those chosen for salvation. 

"Aw, man, not elect!" said one man in Las Vegas as he tried out the filter for the first time. "Bummer!" He tried it again, but it was the same, as it has been since eternity past. Other games let you try again to get a different Pixar character or dream job, but not this one: you're stuck with what you get.

Another filter will tell you which sinful character you are most like in the Bible.


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