Ignorant Boomer Shares CNN Article Thinking It’s Real
Internet · Mar 3, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

LIMA, OH - Dale Miller, a 57-year-old uncle of someone, made an embarrassing mistake on Facebook yesterday. According to sources, Dale shared a CNN article under the mistaken impression that CNN is a real news site.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I'M READING, WHATS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!" Dale typed using one of his favorite communication techniques where he uses all capital letters to denote emphasis. The Facebook status and accompanying CNN link got 2 shares and one "angry" emoji reaction from Aunt Meredith.

More concerning, however, is growing evidence that Dale is not alone. Thousands of people across social media are sharing CNN stories as real despite the fact that CNN made the switch to creating political satire in 2016. Experts in the tech industry have expressed concern since CNN does not always clearly label their satire. This is causing many to wonder whether they are simply trying to entertain, or if they are trying to deceive.

Perhaps most concerning of all is the fact that CNN has seemingly failed to tell even their own employees about their switch to satire almost 4 years ago. White House correspondent Jim Acosta has not yet been informed of this change, according to sources in the Trump administration.

Luckily for Dale, his millennial daughter pointed out in the comment section: "This is fake Pops. CNN is satire." She followed up with a link showing that CNN would soon be purchased by the far superior satire site The Babylon Bee.


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