Frozen Climbers On Mount Everest Decorated For Pride Month
Worldviews · Jun 19, 2023 ·

NEPAL — In an inspiring international gesture in honor of Pride Month, the frozen corpses of climbers on Mount Everest have been heavily decorated to reflect the celebration's rainbow theme.

"This is a great way to show support," said Jacque Le Incendiaire, a French climber who began the initiative to place the decorations. "Taping rainbow flags to the frozen legs of my fallen comrades will help illustrate the historic climb of the heroic LGBTQ people. I'm helping!"

Local authorities had been considering different options for dealing with the frozen corpses for some time when it dawned on them that June is Pride Month. "We usually end up covering the bodies with sheets," said Navneet Maheshwari, a spokesman for the Nepalese government. "We had the idea of using the Pride flag instead to earn some international goodwill so Mount Everest does not get canceled."

Though there has already been some opposition expressed by the public, the government is moving forward with plans to adorn the bodies in flags, glitter, and colorful streamers. Le Incendiaire hopes this is only the first step in a growing campaign. "Decorating the dead is a wonderful place to start," he said. "Someday, we can paint the entire mountain with the rainbow and make it the largest symbol of gayness besides the Los Angeles Dodgers!"

At publishing time, a group of Pride month decorators had perished on the mountain and another expedition had been sent to decorate them.

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