Frightening Rise In Anti-Semitism Blamed On The Jews
World · Dec 3, 2018 ·

U.S. - There has been an alarming rise in anti-Semitism, with anti-Semitic attacks and statements coming from both the right and the left. And many agree on what is the source of this rise in hate: the Jews.

"It must be some sort of Jewish plot," said commentator Andrew Elliot, expressing a common sentiment. "People would naturally love the Jewish people, but the media is influencing them against that." He then added in a whisper, "And we all know who controls the media."

Others have pointed out a link between anti-Semitic organizations and Jewish people. "Look at any of the organizations out there stirring up anti-Semitism," pointed out activist Anna Snyder, "and one thing you notice is that they have money. Trace the money, and where do you eventually end up? A bank. A bank. Do I need to go on?"

Others say that the Jews have been more subtle in the ways they stoke anti-Semitism. "The other day, I started out perfectly happy and respectful of all people," said Jimmy Burke, unemployed internet enthusiast, "but later that day I tweeted something negative about the Jews. That was all because of the crummy weather that put me in a dark mood. Well, guess who is rumored to have a weather machine?"

Many are now taking action against anti-Semitism. The U.N. just passed a resolution condemning Israel -- its 20th this year -- which will hopefully see results.


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