For Safety, The Scooby Gang Won't Unmask The Swamp Beast Until After Lockdown

NEW ORLEANS, LA—After a series of mishaps and a chase sequence, the Scooby gang successfully ensnared the swamp beast that had been prowling a bayou just outside New Orleans. They were about to unmask the ghost and find out who was really behind everything when Shaggy exclaimed, “Zoinks! You’ll kill Grandma!”

It was soon agreed that it would be irresponsible to unmask someone during the pandemic, as that would put people at risk and make them even worse than a ghost scaring away anyone who got too close to the treasure supposedly hidden in the bayou. The only one opposed to this was the diminutive dog, Scrappy-Doo, who said that COVID-19 actually came from 5G cell towers.

“You're such an embarrassment,” said Scooby-Doo, the other talking dog.

The Scooby gang decided to shelter in place, spending the night at a nearby abandoned mansion.

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