Father Finally Puts Tetris Skills To Use Packing Car For Family Vacation
Family · Jul 31, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

EDWARDSVILLE, IL - Local father Joel Postovoit finally put his years of playing Tetris to use packing the family car for vacation, sources confirmed Friday.

"They said all those summers where I did nothing but play Tetris on the NES were a waste," he said, folding his arms triumphantly as he finally got the last bag stuffed in the back of the family's crossover. "Who's laughing now, mom!"

The man says his strategy is to pack everything tightly to one side and wait for a long item to come along so he can slide it perfectly in the available space. His family brought him oddly shaped item after oddly shaped item, but he expertly fit each one into vacant spaces in the trunk of the car. His kids watched in awe as he stuffed an impossible amount of stuff into the car.

"There's no way he's gonna get the tent bag in," his teenage son said, shaking his head. But then, the dad found space under the back seat and somehow, miraculously, got it to fit. "Wow. The guy is amazing -- a real hero."

"Tetris!" the father cried as he fit the family's long E-Z Up box into a space he'd reserved specifically for a "long block."

Postovoit is still waiting for a chance to use his impressive Super Mario 64 skill set.

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