Dave Ramsey Proposes New Stimulus Package Where Every American Is Just Sent A Stack Of Empty Budgeting Envelopes
Celebs · Jul 31, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

FRANKLIN, TN - Dave Ramsey has proposed a new package to help stimulate the economy: instead of sending every American thousands of dollars they're just gonna blow on "stupid" things, we'll mail every American a set of empty budgeting envelopes, and they'll learn to save, pay off debt, and be frugal with their money.

"Honestly, this will cost a lot less and be a lot better for Americans in the long run," Ramsey said. "Why would we send you another $1200 when you're just gonna buy something dumb like video games or golf clubs? And then, when that money's all dried up, you'll probably keep using your credit card to buy stuff you can't afford to impress people you don't even like."


Many think the plan could be effective, except that most Americans are unfamiliar with the foreign concept of "personal responsibility" and "forethought," and so would just use the envelopes to make protest signs and demand more money from the government. To counteract this, Ramsey says he will deliver the envelopes himself and "smack a little sense" into money-stupid Americans.

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