Family Has 27 Mobile Devices But Somehow Only 1 Charger
Family · Mar 3, 2021 ·

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA - The Braxton family has 27 mobile devices, ranging from tablets and smartphones to handheld gaming consoles and e-readers. All of them conveniently have the same charger port, which is nice, since despite each of the devices coming with its own charger, they still only have one.

Their count of chargers has remained the same no matter how many new devices packaged with a charger they buy. The family passes the charger around from room to room, getting involved in a daily passive-aggressive cold war over who gets to charge their smartphone or tablet. One family member will plug in their phone only to find that minutes later a crafty sibling has snuck into their room and absconded with the charger, hiding it in a secure location no one will ever find.

"Has anybody seen the charger!?" Mr. Gary Braxton yelled last night, frustrated as someone had moved it from his side of the bed again. "I specifically moved it right here and told nobody to touch it! AGGGGGGGGGH!!!"

His wife hid silently in the guest room next door, hoping he would not discover her as she was charging her phone.

Mr. Braxton finally caved and purchased a 24-pack of chargers on Amazon, but they all had disappeared at publishing time.


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