Exposé: We Found A Map Of Everyone Whose President Is Donald Trump
Politics · Aug 9, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - A lot of people have been curious as to where people associated with Donald Trump live, so they can march on their houses with torches and pitchforks and have a civil conversation with them about politics. They're just trying to be neighborly, and we really sympathize with that impulse. So we started looking into it so we could release our own map of names and addresses of people associated with Trump.

Well, we've got the big reveal for you activists. After weeks of work, we are publishing this map of everyone whose president is Donald Trump. Red states have people whose president is Donald Trump. The light red and medium red states represent the same thing. There may be a few we missed, like people who are visiting Canada for some reason, so be sure to check up there also.

We encourage you to use this map to find people who have Donald Trump as their president and dox them, even if that means you have to assault yourself. The nation isn't going to get un-racist like it was three years ago if you just sit around not punching yourself in the face, so get to it. Only through your efforts can we rid this country of President Donald Trump's influence.

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