'Excuse Me, Ma'am, But I Disagree With Your Positions,' Says Pence In Sudden Outburst
Politics ยท Oct 8, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - In a disgraceful display of anger and impatience, Vice President Pence shocked the debate audience last night when he rebutted a woman of color by saying "Excuse me, Ma'am, but I disagree with your positions." The largely Mormon audience gasped at Pence's display of egregious rudeness.

"I've never seen such a temper-tantrum," said CNN analyst Frida Ghitis. "The mansplaining and anger towards a woman of color who is black and also a woman is disgusting and frankly a little frightening. And all this from a supposed Christian! Where are my meds? Where are my meds?" Ghitis then downed an entire bottle of blue pills and chased it with a bottle of red wine.

All the political experts all over the world universally agreed that Pence's behavior was inexcusable and that he's probably a dangerous misogynist.

"Disappointing. Really, really disappointing," said Mitt Romney in a CNN interview. "Trump has poisoned the mind of this once-great man and made him all weird and terrible. Not that I'd know anything about Trump poisoning the mind of a once-great man and making him weird and terrible, but that's just my observation."

A Pence spokesperson revealed to reporters that Pence has confessed his great sin to God and will be checking himself into an anger management clinic next week.


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