Fly That Landed On Mike Pence During Debate Revealed To Be Member Of Antifa

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Antifa communists are celebrating a major win after one of their distinguished members, Buzzy the Fly, landed on Mike Pence's head and distracted debate viewers for a few minutes. Investigators determined that Buzzy is the latest member of Salt Lake City Antifa.

"Buzzy is one of our most dedicated anti-fascist resistance fighters," said Vandex Craxavague, chairperson of the local Antifa chapter. "Not only is ze our smartest and best-looking member, but ze dedicated the majority of zir 28-day lifespan to infiltrating the debate hall and planning zir attack."

Plans were underway to have Buzzy infiltrate the virtual presidential debate and land on Trump's webcam but were unfortunately canceled after Buzzy met an untimely death. According to witnesses, he ran headlong into a flying brick that was being thrown through a glass window.

Antifa's Twitter account later broke the news saying: "Buzzy's dead. We offer up our thoughts and prayers to nobody during this tragic time. Pour out a vegan milkshake for our beloved comrade Buzzy."

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