Joe Biden Congratulates Michelle Obama On Debate Performance

WILMINGTON, DE—Today during a campaign stop at a soundstage in the north corner of his basement, Joe Biden took the time to congratulate Michelle Obama on a stellar debate performance. 

"Look folks," he said to the loose change in his couch. "Mrs. Obama did a swell job last night. Very proud of her. And to think just a few short years ago she was stocking shelves at the grocery store! I really liked the part where she rode an elephant and then a kangaroo. That was neat!"

"Aw Joe!" said Michelle Obama when she received word of Biden's congratulations. "Such a kidder, that guy. We love old Joe!"

Politifact rated Joe's statement as "mostly true," since Michelle Obama had in fact released a video response to the presidential debates a couple of days ago and that was "basically the same thing as debating."

Biden's campaign spokesperson Paddo Peesoy also released a statement saying: "We are happy to report that Biden is in excellent health and is also still not a racist in any way." 

After Biden's statement, the campaign quickly called a lid for the remainder of the day to give him time to study his running mate's Wikipedia page.

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