Due To Supply Shortages, Husbands May Need To Begin Shopping For Christmas Presents Prior To December 24 This Year
Christian Living · Oct 15, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - Supply shortages all across the country are spelling out potential disaster for husbands this year, as they will now need to begin shopping for their wives before December 24. 

Traditionally, men have been able to rely on the strong supply of consumer goods in this country. They take for granted the fact that they can just pop over to the store on the way home from work on Christmas Eve and grab a bunch of stuff, hoping it appeases their wife. But no longer, experts say.

"We're advising all men to start their Christmas shopping sometime before late December this year," said one economist. "You might not be able to frantically run into a big-box store an hour before closing on Christmas Eve and just throw stuff in your cart willy-nilly, because, well, there may not be anything left."

"You won't be able to count on there being shelves and shelves full of candles, lotions, and gift cards you don't even know if she would like you can grab at random this year."

In response to the urging of officials, the nation's husbands have begrudgingly agreed to begin shopping on December 23.

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